Mobility Scooter Cabin Car

Trike Cabin T1 is implemented special structure design frame and high quality ABS plastic cover, besides fine-looking appearance, it also provide the function of wiper wash, USB charge, radio, GPS and reversing camera.


A High Technology For Physically Disabled

The Mobility Scooter Cabin Car is the most advanced Mobility Scooter in the world & is the home of high technology. It is The revolutionary mobility scooter that makes driving a Cabin car the real treat.

Look no further in your search for the very best mobility scooter – Corway Vehicle is the hallmark of mobility excellence. Our Cabin Car has been designed to provide you with everything you desire. When the original Cabin Car hit the market a few years ago, the response was unbelievable – shipping to all corners of the globe, we knew something big was happening. Ever since that moment, through innovation, our engineering team has continued to enhance the lives of the less able. It is full of show-stopping features, like remote locking, the reversing camera inside the rear-view mirror, parking sensors to keep paintwork safe & even heaters for winter evenings!

If you are exploring the modern & stylish scooter then look no further! This is the Future of mobility scooters! This is as close as you can get to have a car, with the wide range & extremely powerful motor, the sky is your limit. Our car is finished in a superb gloss metallic grey withred & black accents.

Our cabin car is the most advanced mobility scooter in the world. Featuring with reversing camera, USB Charging ports,& a full internal heater, it does have all the features comforts of the car! The soft suspension & long-range batteries keep it going for hours, & the familiarity with the digital dashboard makes their driving simple.

Stay warm & dry in your piece of luxury. Our cabin cars have an efficient heater, windscreen wiper, full lighting with indicators, two-door mirrors & central locking. And, thus, they are perfect for traveling out in all weather conditions – night or day. All such items are the standard fitment from the factory & are not hidden extras.