Folding basket

Folding Basket for Mobility Scooter

A Perfect Utility Basket For Mobility Scooter

Although most of the mobility scooters come with a small front basket, often times you need a larger storage compartment to help you with your everyday needs, such as being able to carry your groceries, shopping bags, the oxygen tank, and even your favourite furry friend while both hands are securely on tiller navigating your scooter.

Our new Folding Basket For Mobility Scooter is often the first accessory individuals mount to dress up their scooter. Baskets allow you to store your extra cargo when you are on the go, and are great for carrying your jackets, bags, groceries, & more.

Corway Vehicle offers aftermarket universal baskets which will fit just about any scooter around, and brand & model-specific OEM baskets for the perfect fit. Styles include rounded, square, & even unique baskets for the particular scooter & mobility scooter models. Our Mobility Folding Rear Scooter Baskets are made-up of durable heavy-duty metal & can be simply installed on your scooter's universal accessory hitch in seconds.

Features & Benefits –

• Locking knobs that keep basket stable while driving
• Made from the durable and heavy-duty metal
• Holding pin included
• Safety reflectors on the basket that allow the rider to be seen in the low visibility conditions
• Adjustable bracket for ease of use
• Quick & easy installation
• Easily holds all groceries, shopping, & personal items

Our foldable Mobility Scooter Basket permits you to suitably mount apparatus to the front or rear of your mobility scooter. Made with high-grade materials, a foldable basket provides the area to store small, light objects, but larger & heavier ones, too. Our baskets are professionally manufactured and are designed to be there for you throughout the life of your mobility scooter & fit most varieties of mobility scooters that are currently on the market.


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